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Sherri Anderson, Conductor
Amy Wulfman, Assistant Conductor

Based in Princeton, New Jersey

Stretto Tuition and Financial Aid Policy

It is the intention of Stretto Youth Chamber Orchestra to be accessible to students from all socio-economic backgrounds. With this in mind, tuition is based on annual household income, combined with any extenuating circumstances. Please see the guidelines below.

If you do qualify for reduced tuition, you will need to provide a letter of request that contains the following:

  • Household annual income
    (A copy of the previous year’s 1040 is required for verification. Please blacken out all social security numbers.)
  • Number of people in the household
  • An explanation of any unusual financial burdens (even if temporary)

Annual Tuition Guideline Based on Household Income
(assuming a household of 4, but can be adjusted)

  • $81,000 and above: $625 for the first child, $300 for each additional
  • $76,000-$80,000 and taking weekly private lessons: $600/family annually (regardless of number of children)
  • $65,000-$75,000 and taking weekly private lessons: $300/family annually (regardless of number of children)
  • Below $65,000 and taking weekly private lessons: no tuition, provided the student maintains excellent attendance and preparation, and parents volunteer when possible

Additional consideration will be given to issues of unusual expenses or burdens in a family such as: medical expenses, medical debt, student loan debt, care of elderly family members, child support issues, etc.

Stretto Youth Chamber Orchestra is incorporated as a 501(c3) non-profit and approved as a public charity under section 170 of the IRS Tax Code, EIN: 47-4984177.

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