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Restoring Connection in Education:
Bringing Music, Philosophy and Spirit into Dialogue

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Saturday, April 25th, 2015
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9am - 4pm
Trinity Cathedral, 801 W. State Street, Trenton

Youth orchestra performing in Florence

Restoring Connection in Education:
Bringing Music, Philosophy and Spirit into Dialogue

As a society we have committed to providing a universal basic education for all. What does it mean for a person to receive an education that integrates his/her unique potential within society as a whole? Integration is not easily achieved, as is evidenced by our current crisis in education. Not everyone one fits into, or is well cared for, by the current system. This dialogue will explore our underlying philosophy of education, the spiritual potential of each human being and the promise music holds as an integrative discipline.

Please join the conversation as we look for
pathways for positive change in the education system.

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Saturday • April 25th, 2015 • 9am to 4pm • Trinity Cathedral • 801 W. State Street • Trenton NJ

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8:45 – Registration

YouTube9:00 - Morning Panel: What do we observe as the issues of disconnection in education?
Panel Participants:
John Alston, Founder and Director, Chester Children’s Chorus; Founder, Chester Charter School for the Arts
Rene John, Dean, Trinity Cathedral Ruth Perry, MD, Executive Director Trenton Health Team
Moderator - Deborah Ford, Cn., Director of Music Trinity Cathedral, Music Teacher Trinity Academy

10:30 - Coffee

YouTube11:00 - Morning Performance: The Dove and the Jaguar
The Dove and the Jaguar is a psychological study on intelligence and creativity; a dialogue between two animals of a great sensitivity coming from two different worlds which represents the contrast of the society. Two gifted animals who look for unity and beauty through music, art and sciences; through the infinity of their possibilities. They move to the mountains to protect their gifts of creativity and their inventions.

Music and Text by Sandrine Erdely-Sayo
Sandrine Erdely-Sayo, piano
Elizabeth Peña, narrator

12:00 - Lunch (viola ensemble will perform)

YouTube12:45 - Parent Panel
Veronica Austin, Head Start Teacher, Trenton (Topic: Music in Early Childhood)
Helena May, Founder and Director, MLH Group (Topic: What Metrics Do and Don’t Tell Us)
Karyn R. Payton, Teacher, The School in Rose Valley (Topic: Music and Special Education)
Mark Weinglass, Jeweler, Horologist, studied aeronautics (Topic: Atypical Learners and Professions)

1:45 - Break

2:00 - Afternoon Performance: Stretto Youth Chamber Orchestra

YouTube 2:45 - Afternoon Panel: What are potential pathways for connection?
Panel Participants:
Sherri Anderson, Founder and Director, Stretto Youth Chamber Orchestra
Melanie Webb, Senior Teaching Fellow, Certificate in Theology and Ministry, Princeton Theological Seminary
Ricardo Sheppard, Cathedral Seminarian
Moderator: James Wetzel, Professor of Philosophy, Villanova University

4:00 - Reception